10 Amazing Facts about Animals

There is always something fascinating about the animal. Speaking about something amazing about the animal, maybe you won’t believe what we have here. Below, you can find 10 amazing facts about animals that you might never imagine before.

1.  The Four-headed Penis of a Male Echidna


It has one shaft with a four-headed penis. All those four can work as a normal animal penis. However, when it ejaculates the sperm, only two of one side penis is activated. Once it’s finished, the other two will take a turn.

2.  A Hen Can Turn into Rooster


A chicken has two gonads, where one of them will turn into the ovary or testicle, which decide the sex of the chicken. But, when tumor damages the ovary on the adult hen, the inactive gonad will activate. If it’s turned into testicle, it will turn the hen anatomy into a rooster.

3.  Raccoon Wash their Food before Eating

Peter Weimann/Picture Press/Getty Images

This trash scavenger always washes their food before their eating. But, they do this when there is water. If they can’t find water, it makes a similar move in the air. The scientist hasn’t found why they do this. But, it seems like an act based on their instinct.

4.  Tons Bald Eagle Nest


The bald eagle has one of the biggest wingspan (8 feet/2.4 meters). Therefore, they also build a large nest. The funny thing is it’s so large that it can reach 2 tons of weight and break the tree where they build it.

5.  Fruit Fly has Longest Sperm in Animal World


The fruit fly, which is roughly 3 mm long, produces 58 millimeters long sperm. It’s almost 20 times of its body length which makes it hold the record for the longest sperm, even longer than human.

6 . 300 Teeth of Leeches


It has a jaw that looks like a Mercedes-Benz symbol. These 3 separate jaws hold 100 teeth each. This number is needed in order to cut the skin of its prey and let the blood flow faster.

7.  Butterflies Feet


Butterflies feet work like our tongue. It tastes the object. Mostly, it uses it to find out whether the places where they are going to lay eggs are poisonous or safe.

8. Green Anaconda Eating Capability


With 9 meters (30 feet) long, 0.3 meter (1 foot) in diameter, and 550 pounds (250 kg) of weight, this big snake also has a big appetite. It eats anything, from small fish to the huge Caiman and white-tailed deer. And, if it can eat those big preys, they can also easily swallow a human.

9.  Dachshunds are The Most Aggressive Dog


A study at the University of Pennsylvania in 2008 found out that among 33 dog breeds, Dachshunds is the most aggressive one. It even easily beat Pit Bull in term of biting people.

10.  African Wild Dog is Family Type Animal

It doesn’t matter if you are healthy, sick, old or young African Wild Dog, the pack will always take care of you.

And, that’s all 10 amazing facts about animals you need to know.


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