10 Cutest Baby Animals

Any living form will look cuter when it is still in the baby stage. The animal is not an exception. If you must mentions 10 cutest baby animals, what kind of animals that you will choose? For us, here is the animal that looks cutest when they are baby.

    1. Baby Giraffe


The adult one has a big and tall body. The baby one is smaller, but still has a similar stature like the adult one. Of course, our favorite part is it has similar long eyelashes like the adult giraffe.

2. Baby Panda

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Their appearance itself is really cute. But, it becomes even cuter, if you look at how they act. Their high curiosity towards their surrounding often creates a funny and silly moment.

3. Chicks


This ball of yellow fur is indeed really popular among the cute animal lover. It is always so pleasuring to watch these little birds running around following the hen. And, its voice is also really cute.

4. Baby Penguin


Just take a look at how this flightless bird walks. Its short legs and wings make it looks like a human baby that starts to walk. It looks even cuter when it buries its body under its parents to stay warm.

5. Ducklings


It is similar to the chicks. The ducklings are also popular among the cutest baby animal you can find. It has a bigger body than chicks. However, when you see it swim and follow its mother, it is so amazingly wonderful.

6. Baby Elephant

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This is our biggest baby among the 10 cutest babies in the list. It can reach 200 pounds of weight when it was just born. Its short trunk and curiosity to anything make it looks amazing. Moreover, the baby elephant is also playful, which make us happy when we watch it.

7. Baby Deer


Even though it doesn’t have the antlers yet, but it is one of the most beautiful baby animals. Its playfulness also gives you some refreshing feeling when you watch it running around following its parents.

8. Hedgehog


Hedgehog isn’t like a porcupine. Porcupine has longer and harder quills. However, hedgehog’s is smaller and shorter. Mostly, it also lay flat, so it’s safe to hold it on your hand. The baby’s quills look more similar to fur, which gives it even cuter looks, especially when it’s curling.

9. Puppies
No need to tell you the reason. The baby version of man’s best friend has the unbearable cuteness. Just play with it and you will understand why we put it in our list of cutest baby animals.

10. Kittens

And, if we have to choose the cutest baby animals among others, kittens are the winner. You won’t get tired to play with it all day long. Moreover, its big eyes and ears, plus it also active and love to play around, is a perfect package for the cutest baby animals you can play with.

So, that’s all 10 cutest baby animals. They are all cute and you can even have some of them as a pet. Just remember to treat them carefully. That way they can grow healthy and bigger.


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