10 Images of the Most Beautiful Snake

Many people agree that snake is something scary. As a matter of fact, a lot of people also agree that this is the kind of animal that should not be petted. Even though, there are still people who are very interested on this kind of reptile. The main reason is because they want to find the beauty of the snakes that many people have never seen before. To make it even better, that thing happened on the real deal.

Yes, there are some kinds of snakes with a very attractive motif that you can find in this world. As a matter of fact, those amazing motifs are taken into these beautiful images of the snakes. Here are some of them.
The first one is the pet viper. This is a kind of snake that you can only find in Sri Lanka. The size is not big and you will mostly find this kind of snake on the trees with a lot of large leafs. One attractive thing about this photo is the tri-colored motif of this snake.

They are mint, white, and a bit of dark brown color. To make it even better, the unique characteristic of its sharp head is also clearly visible on this photo.
The next one is the garter snake. The best garter snake can be found in San Francisco. The main reason is because of the amazing motif of this snake. The combination of sky blue, dark orange, and black made this medium-sized snake is totally attractive on the image. The last one is banded sea krait. As the name implies, you can only find this snake on the ocean.

Mostly, you can easily find the black and white stripes of this snake around the crowd reef. That is the habitat of this poisonous snake. That is why you need to be careful.