10 Unbelievable Animal Facts That Are Actually True

As a matter of fact, we share our beloved Earth with other wonderful creatures, include animals. However, how well do you know about them? They do not just exist and run around the planet, do they? Find out 10 unbelievable animal facts that are actually true and you have not known about them yet.

1. Animals Could Not Sprint Long Distances


Sounds very surprising? Well, yeah, but that’s the truth. You might have known the fact that animals come with the ability to sprint faster than humans since they have four legs. However, when it comes to long distance, those creatures can’t beat humans. In other words, you can outrun almost any animals with four legs. How could it be? Well, instead of running, humans cool down by sweating. In this way, humans will be able to stay cool at distances and speeds that can easily overheat animals, lead them to take a rest more often.

2. Elephants Have Amazing Social Habits


Do you know that elephants can cry or laugh? The animals even gather to hold ceremonies each to there is a member in their group that passes away or welcomes back a family member.

3. Whales Sing Like Human Music


Not many people know that whales can sing. Several whales that share the same area will sing the same song. Interestingly, the song will be developed over time and can travel to other areas. Other groups of whales in different areas will learn the song and join to sing it.

4. Male Seahorses Carry Their Children


Instead of females, the young seahorses are carried by males since they are monogamous. It means that the males who are responsible to carry fertilized eggs in their pouch until they are born.

5. Oysters Change Gender


It might sound odd, but yes, oysters can change gender. The animals can switch between female and male based on what will be useful the most for the current mating season.

6. Cows Make Friends

Black Goat Farm and Sanctuary / Instagram

Just like elephants, cows also have good social habits. The animals can even have preferred friend amongst their group. Cows can easily become anxious and stressed if they are separated from their favorite pal.

7. Male Penguins Propose to Their Females


If you think that animals can’t be romantic, well, think again! The male penguins will present a pebble as a symbol of affection for their mates when proposing.

8. Immortal Jellyfish


There are many kinds of jellyfish spread in the deep of ocean and some of them are immortal. The animals have the ability to replicate their tissues by using stem cells.

9. Female Lions Live in Groups for Life


Female lions tend to stick together all their lives. It is done so they can defend each other when predators come.

10. Goat Has Accents


Believe it or not but goat has an accent! The animal has vocal inflections that can change over time.

The changes occurred will depend on the time spent around their peers as well as the environment they live in.