5 Amazing Facts About the Southern Ocean that You Don’t Know

Have you ever heard about the Southern Ocean? If you don’t know where this ocean location is, let us tell you here. The Southern Ocean is the ocean surrounding the Antarctica continent. And, it’s unknown status also make its interesting fact isn’t known by many people. However, we will help you to know more about this ocean with the 5 Amazing facts about the southern ocean we have below.

1. It Doesn’t Have Clear Boundaries


It is also known as the Antarctic Ocean because it surrounds the Antarctica continent. However, the outer boundary isn’t too clear. This is one of 5 Amazing facts about the southern ocean that you should know. Experts and the international community have been trying hard to mapping and decide the boundaries for this ocean. Until today, their effort hasn’t produced any result. Currently, the International Hydrographic Organization has defined the easiest way to find out about Southern Ocean boundaries. They decide that the ocean that’s located south of 60-degrees-south latitude is the Southern Ocean.

2. The Fourth Largest Ocean


Although it doesn’t have clear boundaries, Southern Ocean has become the fourth largest ocean in the world. This is one of the unique facts in our 5 Amazing facts about the southern ocean list. Approximately, this ocean is 7.8 million square miles wide. Thus, it makes it places in the fourth position among other oceans, right under the Indian Ocean.

3. The Only Ocean in the South Pole


As we mentioned before, Southern Ocean is surrounding Antarctica continent. And, this continent is located in the South Pole of Earth. Therefore, we can say that the ocean in the South Pole is this Southern Ocean. There are no other oceans where its area reaches the South Pole. So, if you go to the South Pole, you will definitely enter the Southern Ocean.

4. It Has Unique Geology and Hydrology


The next fact in our 5 Amazing facts about the southern ocean is the Southern Ocean geology and Hydrology condition. From geology point of view, Southern Ocean is considered to be the youngest. Its age is 30 million years. It was formed with South America and Antarctica was separated. The passage formed because of this geological event formed this ocean. Moreover, the water is different than other ocean, because it is affected by Antarctic Circumpolar Current.

5. The Depth
The Southern Ocean is the ocean with the deepest average depth. Mostly, it has 13,000 to 16,000 feet in depth. The deepest part of Southern Ocean is 23,740 feet, which is the South Sandwich Trench. This is also one of the deepest parts of the ocean in the world. The funny thing is you don’t find the shallow area too many in this ocean.

The Southern Ocean is still not well-known. Mostly, it’s because its location which is in the South Pole. There are not that many countries use this ocean as the route for their transportation or trading. Therefore, there is only limited information about this ocean. But, with those 5 Amazing facts about the southern ocean, at least you have more information about this ocean.