5 Coolest Looking Animals in the World

Tell us the 5 coolest looking animals in the world. There will be many answers. However, if you ask us about the coolest looking animals in the world, we have our own list here. Do you want to know? Let’s get started.

1.    Owl


The big eye that looks like binocular and ready to aim at the prey is one of the reasons why we put it in the list. Moreover, the “ears” also give this amazing bird extra elegance point. Actually, the part that looks like ears isn’t its real ear. It’s the feather that helps the real ear that hidden behind that part to get a better hearing.

However, the coolest thing about owl is how it hunts its prey. When it spots a prey with its super hearing and its big eyes, it will then jumps and glide. Their prey won’t notice it because it doesn’t flap its wing. It’s only gliding, silently and stealthily. And, before the prey realizes, the owl claw catches it.

2.    Liger


If you guess that it’s the combination of the word “Lion” and “Tiger”, you are correct. In fact, this new species was born from the lion and tiger parents. Therefore, there is a specific trait from lion and tiger that you can see on this animal. Liger has a mane like a lion. You also can find the tiger stripes o its body. The most amazing part about this animal is the size. It’s much bigger and muscular than the lion and tiger.

3.    Killer Whale (Orca)

Tom Brakefield/Getty Images

The killer whale is the biggest carnivore in the sea. If you think the great white shark is the biggest, you are totally wrong. The great white shark is one of Killer Whale’s meals. So, now you know who the boss of the sea really is. Killer Whale also has a set of sharp teeth. Unlike other whales that eat their food by swallowing, Killer Whale bites and shred their prey. It’s just like a shark but much wilder. It also hunts the prey in a group. So, once you are targeted by this big guy, you have a tiny chance to escape.

4.    Long-horned Orb Weaver Spider

melvyn yeo

This small spider is different than other spiders. You can see it has a big horn that grows from its abdomen. The horn is much longer than its body size. Even though the horn is the main trait of this spider, the scientist hasn’t found the real function of these horns. This spider is also one of the poisonous spiders. However, the poison doesn’t give you a lethal effect. It would be better, though, if you don’t find it live in your house.

5.    African Buffalo


This buffalo horn is no joking. In fact, they can easily kill a lion with this horn. Therefore, it’s rare for the lion to target this buffalo as their prey. They do that if they are really cornered. Or, usually, the lion target the cub.

That’s all.  We didn’t only choose them because they have a cool appearance. But, it also has a unique trait that mesmerizes us. So, among those 5 coolest looking animals in the world, which one that you found most interesting one?


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