5 Cutest Animals You Didn’t Know Existed

5 Cutest Animals You Didn’t Know Existed – Puppies, kittens, chicks, baby panda are a common animal that we can categorize in the cute animals’ group. However, did you know that there are many other animals that also have the same and even more cuteness level than those popular choices? If you don’t believe us, we have a list of the 5 cutest animals you didn’t know existed below. Some of them are rare and considered to be an endangered species. That makes them even more special.

1.    Axolotl


Its pale white body with pink or bluish mane-like part around its back part of its head looks really cute and amazing. Axolotl is also an amphibian and it’s known as Mexican Salamander or Mexican walking fish. But, mostly, it lives under the water. The mane-like part on its neck is actually its gills. And, it breathes with it mostly. Although it also can live on the land, the water is its main home. When you watch it swim with a black background and proper light, its body looks glowing. It’s really beautiful.

2.    Tarsier


It looks really similar to a monkey. However, with big round eyes, this cute animal is more like a cartoon character. Tarsier is also very small. The adult Tarsier is only 6-19 cm (3.5-6 inches) long. That means it fits perfectly on your palm. Tarsier mostly lives in Southeast Asia forest. It eats bugs and small animals, like a bird. Even though it has a cute appearance, Tarsier is one and only poisonous mammals. It keeps its poison in its elbow.

3.    Pangolin


This isn’t only cute, but also unique. Its appearance is like the combination of armadillo and anteater. And, it also gets the nickname based on that appearance. Thus, it is called scaly anteaters. It also can roll its body and form a ball of scale armor to protect its soft abdomen.

Unfortunately, Pangolin is one of the endangered species. Their population keeps decreasing because they lose their habitat. Many irresponsible people also sell it on the black market as a pet. It even can be considered to be one of the most trafficked animals.

4.     Fennec Fox

Floridapfe/ Getty Images

this is one of the fox species that live mostly in North Africa. The main trait of this cute animal is its large ears. The large ears are very useful to detect movement from its prey as well as predator. Its ears are the effect of adaptation because of the harsh environment where it lives.

5.    Sunda Colugo


The last one is one of the most endangered cute animals. This animal is also called the flying lemur. The unique skin between its front and back legs make it able to glide for a while in the air. When you see it in its natural habitats in Southeast Asia forest, you can see it love to live in a higher place. From that height, it will jump and spread the skin to “fly” between trees.

Most of the 5 cutest animals you didn’t know existed we mentioned above are a rare and endangered animal. You can’t take them as the pet. Of course, if you want to see them, you can always go to their habitat.


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