5 Interesting Facts about the Arctic Ocean You Never Know Before

Can you tell us the smallest and the shallowest ocean among 5 oceans in the world? The answer is the Arctic Ocean. Maybe it will be easier to answer the question if it’s asked about the biggest ocean in the world. However, the smallest one is indeed unknown for some people. Even though the Arctic Ocean is the smallest among the other 5 oceans, there are many interesting things about this ocean. Below, we have a list of the 5 Interesting facts about the arctic ocean that you might never know before.

1. The Name
The Arctic Ocean name comes from the Greek word, which is “arktikos”. This word itself means bear. The main reason why it uses this name is you can see the Ursa Major or Great Bear star constellation clearly. And, you can see it anytime you want it from this ocean. This is the reason behind its name and the first part of our 5 Interesting facts about the arctic ocean list.

2. The Location


Next is the location of the Arctic Ocean. From its name, you can guess where this ocean location, isn’t it? Yes, this ocean is located in the north pole. Precisely, this is the ocean inside the Arctic circle. The size of this ocean is 5.427 million square miles. This size is almost as big as the land area of Russia. Although it’s quite big, this ocean only covers 3% of Earth’s total surface.

3. The Island You Can Find in The Arctic Ocean
The next fact in our 5 Interesting facts about the arctic ocean is the island in this ocean. There are many islands. But, there are several of them that have a uniqueness that you must know. The first island is the New Siberian Island, where you can find meteorological station as well as the Russian Navy base.

There is also the Novaya Zemlya. This is the biggest archipelago with the size of 35,000 square miles. People that live here, fish, hunt and trapping animal for living. There is also Wrangel Island, the location of arctic research location. And, the last one is the Arctic Archipelago with 50 small islands in it.

4. The Temperature


The fourth fact of our 5 Interesting facts about the arctic ocean is the temperature in the Arctic Ocean. It doesn’t matter if it’s summer or winter; this ocean has a fixed temperature, which is 28 degrees Fahrenheit. However, global warming affects this unique fact. Nowadays, you can find warmer water in this ocean.

5. The Wildlife
Although the Arctic Ocean can be considered as the coldest ocean in the world, you can still find some animals live here. For example, you can see a polar bear, Beluga whales, seals, walruses and many more. They have a body and ability to adapt to this low temperature. Unfortunately, the number of these animals keeps decreasing these days. The cause is as you guess, global warming.

We hope by knowing the 5 Interesting facts about the arctic ocean above, it can increase the people awareness about this ocean. Thus, we can all work together to reduce the negative effect of global warming. That way the amazing fact of this ocean can stay much longer.