5 Interesting Facts about the Deep Ocean

5 Interesting Facts about the Deep Ocean – The deep ocean is still a big mystery for us human. As a matter a fact, humankind knows more about the space than the deep ocean. We’ve sent astronauts to the space even sent several of them to the moon. But until this day, less than five persons ever recorded to reach the bottom of the Mariana Trench, one of the deepest points of the ocean.

The deep ocean is a term referring to the region deeper than 20,000 feet below the sea level. That region is also known as hadal zone, after Hades, the Greek god of the underworld. Until today, the deep ocean is still pretty much unknown. Only less than one percent of the deep ocean has been explored. One reason why exploring the deep ocean so difficult is the extreme water pressure that it requires extremely tough built remote-controlled submarine explorer.

Even though there’s only a little about the deep ocean has been explored, there are many mesmerizing things discovered. Here are the 5 interesting facts about the deep ocean that will blow your mind.

1. Deep Ocean Floor Topography is Similar to Earth’s Landscape


Deep beneath water, the ocean floor topography also has valleys, hills, mountains, and even active volcanoes. The trenches of the ocean can be so deep that the whole Mount Everest can fit inside the deepest known ocean trench and even there will still some free space. Another interesting thing is we can also find rivers and lakes deep beneath the ocean. Density differences of sea water that makes it possible.

2. Deep Sea Corals Produces Natural Sunscreen

Jörg Wiedenmann

Corals have protection mechanism against ultraviolet rays (UVA and UVB) by produce its own natural sunscreen. Not only protecting the corals itself, the natural sunscreen also protects the fish and other sea creatures living beneath the coral reefs.

3. Deep Ocean is Full of Treasure


It is really interesting that more than 20 million tons of gold are dispersed throughout the ocean water although it is nearly impossible to mine because it is so dissolved and diluted. The ocean floor also has large amount deposit of gold. But then again, mining it would be so difficult.

Deep ocean also has other treasures. The treasures are from the sinking ship throughout the ages. Those shipwrecks have artefacts even treasure of wealth still scattering beneath the ocean, more than all museums in the world combined.

4. Deep Ocean Creatures are Like Aliens


Forget those kraken, hydras, or the sirens. Those are just mythological creatures. However, the real deep sea creatures seem like they are from another planet. Fish with fangs like viper, fish with a lamp on the head, and other deep ocean creates that look like monster. Even interesting, the deep ocean creatures already known by humankind is only a fraction of deep ocean diversity. There still a lot more creatures we don’t know.

5. Like the Outer Space


On the hadal zone, the sun rays can reach there and as the result, the deep ocean is so dark and the temperature is very cold. Not only that, the hadal zone is also very quiet with without sound. Think about it, it is like in the outer space unless it is on the earth.

Those are 5 interesting facts about deep ocean. Just a few things out of the unknowns.


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