5 Interesting Facts About the Indian Ocean You Must Know

The Indian Ocean is one of the most important oceans in the world because there are many countries that are located in it. And, each of those countries uses the Indian Ocean as the route to trade and transport many things. However, the Indian Ocean is actually more than that. If you want to know more about this ocean, here we have 5 Interesting facts about the indian ocean.

1. The Size


People say that the Indian Ocean is very huge. The reality is it’s more than huge. It’s enormous. If you are looking at the size, it can easily cover the 20% of Earth’s surface. And, because of this size as well, the Indian Ocean become one of the biggest sources of water on Earth. If you still don’t believe how big the Indian Ocean is, just take a look at its volume. It has a volume of 292,131,000 cubic kilometers. As for the depth, it has an average depth of 3,890 meters.

2. The Continents


The next of our 5 Interesting facts about the indian ocean is the continents and country that’s located in it. On the north, this ocean is bound by the Indian subcontinent. Then, in the west part of it, we can find Africa. Australia is located in the east of the Indian ocean and in the south area, you can find Antarctica. Moreover, there are 16 countries in Africa and 18 countries in Asia that has access directly or connected through this ocean. This is the reason why the Indian Ocean is important for trading.

3. The Highest Point
The Indian Ocean also has a unique part, which is the highest point of this ocean. If we talk about the deepest part of the Indian Ocean, we can easily mention the Java Trench in Sunda Shelf as the deepest part. With more than 7,258 meters of deeps, this trench becomes one of the deepest trenches on Earth. But, if talk about the highest or the shallow part of this ocean, this is maybe the most interesting fact among 5 Interesting facts about the indian ocean. Indian Ocean highest point depth is right at the sea level.

4. Limited Marine Life
Although the Indian Ocean is one of the biggest oceans in the world, it has a limited amount of marine life. The reason is the temperature of the ocean that keeps getting warmer because of global warming. It makes the amount of plankton decrease significantly. The result is the marine life also decrease or move to another ocean.

5. Unique Chemical and Physical Properties
The Indian Ocean has the highest concentration of dissolved and floating hydrocarbons. More than that, the water in the Indian Ocean also has the highest and lowest salinity levels. This is one of the unique facts among other 5 Interesting facts about the indian ocean.

Basically, those are 5 Interesting facts about the indian ocean that you need to know. However, the Indian Ocean is really big. So, if you are looking for interesting in this ocean, we believe you will find more than those five.