5 Interesting Facts about the Pacific Ocean that Concern Our Future

The Pacific Ocean is the biggest ocean in the world. And, by knowing this fact, you must understand that there are also many interesting things that you can find in it. Although many kinds of research have been held to unfold the mysteries, the researcher was only able to find a small part of it. Below, we have a list of those amazing part about the Pacific Ocean. Here are the 5 Interesting facts about the pacific ocean that you must know.

1. The Mother of Hurricanes

(Photo: NASA)

The Pacific Ocean as the biggest ocean in the world means it has more space where all kinds of atmospheric event can occur. One of them is hurricanes. And, this is the first thing we have in our 5 Interesting facts about the pacific ocean list. There are many monstrous hurricanes was born from the Pacific Ocean, for example, the Super Typhoon Mangkhut that hit the Philippines in 2018. With 165 miles per hour wind speed, this hurricane left devastating result in this country.

2. The Ring of Fire


The Pacific Ocean is located on top of the Pacific basin. And this is the area that also is known as the “Ring of Fire”. The movement of the Pacific tectonic plate in this area creates more than 25,000 miles of volcanoes chains. And, this condition also creates an area where the earthquake and volcanic activity occurs the most on Earth. This makes it the second place in our 5 Interesting facts about the pacific ocean list.

3. The Deepest Spot on Earth is Located in the Pacific Ocean


It is called the Mariana Trench. You can find it in the Mariana Archipelago, East of Philippines. With more than 36,000 feet of depth, this spot is considered to be the deepest spot among all the oceans in the world. And guess what! You can put Everest mountain in it and it will swallow it completely. That shows how deep this spot is.

4. The Ocean Acidification


This is maybe one of the most interesting parts of our 5 Interesting facts about the pacific ocean list. But, we can say that this isn’t a pleasure fact. The Pacific Ocean has changed for these past 200 years. The ocean absorbs 30 percent of carbon dioxide that was released by the land area. And, with global warming become even worst, there is more carbon dioxide in the air.

The result is the Pacific Ocean absorbs more of this substance. And, it changes its water acidic level. With more acidic water, it also makes the organism hard to live in it. Therefore, we can find many cases where there is a big migration of animal that is used to live in the Pacific Ocean to other places. it results in the increase of these species mortality because they can’t adapt in the new environment.

5. The House of Plastic Garbage

Photo: Clifton Beard/Flickr/Creative Commons License

The last of our 5 Interesting facts about the pacific ocean is another environment problem. It has been found that in the Pacific Ocean, there is a massive island that is made of garbage from all over the world that reaches the size of Texas state.

It’s very concerning because it can damage the environment. That’s all the fact that you need to know about the Pacific Ocean.