5 Mind Blowing Facts About Africa

Most people believe that the Africa continent obtained its title from the ancient Romans. After they had successfully defeated the ancient northern African, the ancient Romans discovered a province and named it after the tribe that inhabited the region which was Afri tribe. Here are 5 mind-blowing facts about Africa that you should know.

1. Africa Is the Second Largest Continent on Earth


As the second biggest continent on the earth, the total area of Africa is approximately 30.37 million square kilometers. One of 5 mind-blowing facts about Africa is that the breadth is about the same as the length of the continent. Africa is often known as a wholly isolated continent from the rest area of the world. The fact is, Africa is only less than 9 miles away from Europe. At the strait in Gibraltar where Morocco is separated from Spain, you can use the ferry to go across.

2. Between 1500-2000 Languages Are Spoken in Africa


Since there are more than 3000 distinctive ethnic groupings in Africa, about 2000 various languages are spoken in Africa. The languages are diverse that each language has unique dialects. The most widely used language is Arabic followed by English and Swahili then French.

Based on the fossil remains that are found in Africa, it is assumed that the continent is the very first area inhabited by human. The fossil remains are identified as old as 7 million years.

3. Africa Is the Source Of The World’s Longest River

Credit : NASA

The Nile river in Africa continent is considered as the longest river in the world. The river flows through 11 countries and has approximately 6,853 kilometers length. The water flows northward from Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda, Burundi, the Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Kenya, Eritrea, Sudan, South Sudan, and Egypt.

4. The Richest Man Ever Is African


The next thing from 5 mind-blowing facts about Africa is about Mansa Musa. Also called Musa I of Mali was recognized as the tenth emperor of the Mali Empire. Musa I is thought to be the richest man in history. Mali Empire itself was one of the Sahelian Kingdoms that were known for its prosperity.

In the later medieval era, the empire developed slave trade routes alongside with the Saharan. After his death in 1937, the wealth is estimated worth around $ 300 billion to $ 400 billion if converted in US dollars in the late of 2000.

5. The World’s Largest, Tallest and Fastest Animals Come From Africa


The African elephant weight can be more than 6 tons and their height can be higher than 7 meters. As gigantic as it could be, the elephant is considered as the largest land animal in the world. Meanwhile, the tallest animal in the world also found in Africa. If the female giraffes can reach 4,6 meters, the male ones are about 6 meters in height.

Africa is home for Cheetah which is known as the fastest animal in the world. If it runs, the speed can reach 60 miles in an hour or 96.5 kilometers in an hour. The record was learned in 2012 from an eleven years old cheetah.