5 Things about Cats You Didn’t Know

Are you a cat person or dog person? Did you ever have this kind of question asked to you? What is your answer? If you proudly call yourself a cat person, here, we have another question for you. How much do you know about the cat? Many people that call themselves a cat person or cat lover mostly only know the basic thing about a cat. Don’t believe us? Read the 5 things about cats you didn’t know we have prepared for you below.

1.   They Don’t Like Milk
Are you surprised? If you do, that means you need to learn more about the cat. The fact is most cats have low tolerance against lactose. A cat doesn’t have the enzyme that can digest lactose. Therefore, if you give your cat milk, there is a big chance that it will get a digestive problem or diarrhea.

So, how come kittens drink milk from their mother breast? It is because they can digest that milk perfectly. Moreover, they also only drink milk until they are 8 weeks old. After that, the kittens will eat like a normal cat. Therefore, if you find abandoned kittens, do not try to give it milk. It won’t drink it. If you plan to give it milk, you can choose the baby milk for human and dilute it with a lot of water. Mostly, it will drink it. But, it would be better, if you give your milk water instead of milk.

2.   They Don’t Eat Fish
Even though many cartoon movies portray cat eat fish deliciously and even show that fish is a cat’s favorite foods, the reality is the opposite. Many cats are allergic to fish. You can find more about the best diet for your cat from the internet.

 3.   They are Sleepyhead
Do not call your cat lazy when it sleeps all day long? That’s their trait. In the wild, the wild cat sleeps a lot to save their energy for chasing their prey. With a difficult field like a forest where the wild cat lives, they need to catch their prey faster before it escapes through the forest. And, this wild DNA has been carried on to the domestic cat. They don’t need to hunt for food. But, because it’s in their DNA, they have this habit.

4.   Cat and Catnip
Cat doesn’t get high because of catnip. Your cat acts like that after consuming catnip because they are in the euphoria or overwhelmed happy condition. And, the one that has the responsibility to make your cat super happy is nepetalactone inside the catnip. This substance stimulates the cat’s brain receptor that gives that effect.

5.   Cat is Actually Smarter (than A Dog)
It is true that a cat’s brain is much smaller than the dog’s. They also can’t do and follow the command like a dog. But, the cat’s brain has a high density of the folded structure. It’s almost similar to a human’s brain. Therefore, the cat has a good short memory that can last for 10 minutes.

Now, after you read 5 things about cats you didn’t know, you are one step closer to be the real cat lover. Cat is indeed amazing animal and pet. By knowing them more, you also can find a more amazing thing about your cat.


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