5 Things You Didn’t Know about Dogs

5 Things You Didn’t Know about Dogs – We don’t know for sure when the wild dogs started to become domesticated animals. Whoever did that the first time, we surely owe that person a big time. There’s no doubt that dogs already become the human’s great friend. The dogs have so much role in human civilization from herding dogs, guard dogs, to even sledding dogs. But the greatest thing a dog can do to us is to become a friend and even part of family.

There’s no more popular pet animal than dog. But no matter how you think we know about dogs so much, there’re still many things you didn’t know about dog. In this article, we will show 5 things you didn’t know about dogs, something that we don’t realize and also the true fact about misconceptions about your furry friends.

1. Amazing ears


Yes, dog ears look really amazing and super cute. But we don’t want to talk about the German Shepherd’s standing ears or the Frenchies’s bat ears. Dog ears are also amazing because they have twice as much as muscles as human ears have. Those muscles allow dogs to move their ears for more than one hundred facial expressions. Dog ears are also amazing as it helps dog to hear a voice from four times the distance the human can.

2. Unique nose prints


Dog’s nose and its powerful smelling sense is no longer a secret. But that’s not the only amazing thing about dog’s nose. Little did we know; dog’s nose print is very unique that there’s no dog has an identical nose print. Take a look at your dog’s nose closer and you’ll see line and ridge pattern. Dog’s nose print is like human’s fingerprints that it can identify one dog from another with high accuracy.

3. Can see colors


Dogs are color blind is a huge misconception. Many of us believe that dogs can only see black and white while actually, dogs are not color blind. Dogs can see color although not as much colors as the human can see.

4. Can have cancer
Just like human, dogs can also have cancer. More than 50% of senior dogs, aged 10 and above, develop some type of cancer. Actually, there are other dog’s version type of rare diseases similar with human version of disease. It is ranging from muscle to brain disease. That’s really sad indeed but it also comes with benefits. Among them is the ability of trained dogs to sniff out cancer cells for diagnosis or sniff out low blood sugar level to help patients with diabetes.

5. Pretty much still primal animals
Our dogs are way a lot of different than the wild dogs. But our dogs are still pretty much primal animals. Dogs still have primal instincts including howling, pack dependency, and territory marking, the instincts that remain unchanged even after thousand of years of domestication.

If you are surprised with these 5 things you didn’t know about dogs, well, brace yourself, there could many other things about our dog we still don’t know. No matter what, that’s only make our dogs more special.


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