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5 Mind Blowing Facts About Africa

Most people believe that the Africa continent obtained its title from the ancient Romans. After they had successfully defeated the ancient northern African, the ancient Romans discovered a province and named it after the tribe that inhabited the region which was Afri tribe. Here ...
The World’s Largest, Tallest and Fastest Animals Come From AfricaMansa MusaAfrica Is the Source Of The World’s Longest River 2Between 1500 2000 Languages Are Spoken in Africa

5 Amazing Facts about Kecak Dance in Bali

If you have been in Bali Island, Indonesia, Kecak Dance is probably the show that you were watching. There are many people sit down in a circle while some others are dancing in the middle. It is very unique for sure since this type ...
It is presented in some areas in BaliRamayana Epos PresentationA Hinduism Ritual and CeremonyA Dance without Music   kecak dance