Top 5 Amazing Facts about Birds

Birds are everywhere and they are amazing creatures that have adapted to live in all places on Earth, except the deepest ocean. Form high mountain to deserts, forests, and jungles, from the river to the far out at sea, and from underground burrows to caves, birds can be easily found everywhere. But, what do you know about these amazing creatures? Find out top 5 amazing facts about birds in this following article.

1. Ostrich

Ostriches are distant cousins of chicken and they are really big. Ostriches can be as tall as nine feet and the animal can run up to 60 miles per hour! As a matter of fact, they are not only fast and tall but also really heavy. The birds can weigh up to 350 pounds on average, making them the heaviest bird on Earth. In addition, their eggs are six times thicker than an average chicken egg. However, they are not smart birds since their brain is smaller than their eyes.

2. Parrots

Parrots can easily adapt to interact with humans, making them one of the most intelligent animals on this planet. Not only being able to talk like humans but parrots can also learn to perform simple household chores, recognize and name colors or shapes, as well as to count numbers. Recent studies also reveal that parrots can learn to use human speech with the same understanding and ways as two-year-old children, not only mimic them. 

3. Roadrunners

Roadrunners are not only a cray cartoon character your children often watch on TV. The fact, they are a really real bird. They are desert birds originated from southwest America and mainly live in deserts. They have wings like all birds but they rarely use them to fly. In fact, they are not good flyers at all. However, as the name suggests, the birds are good runners. Roadrunners can run as fast as Olympic sprinter with the speed that reaches 20 miles per hour in the desert at a cool temperature.

4. Tinamous

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You might have never heard about tinamous before. It is not surprising since the birds are not really popular. These timid creatures are rarely seen and they are very good at camouflage. Tinamous tend to panic when they are being spotted and like to creep at ground level to avoid people’s eyes. The birds can’t fly for a long time but they can run very fast. The birds use their ability to run fast for hiding from a human. Once tinamous being spotted, they will be panic and usually fly into the nearest tree in high-speed.

5. Toucan

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Being originated to the forests of South America, Toucans come with exotic look that becomes the characteristic of birds from the region. If you look at the birds you will find that they have a relatively bigger bill if compared to their body size. However, the bill is not the solid one since it comes with the form of a lattice-work of hollow sections which tends to look like the inside part of a sponge.

Just like parrots, toucans are also good mimics that can be trained to learn human speech.